How to be happy in your Business life


your group will discover the hidden culprit behind most of the challenges in the workday—reflex behaviour, the retaliatory mode of acting before we think that drives stress, overwhelm, and work-life strain. Uli arms your audience with the most effective practices—from email and interruption management, to stress management, prioritization, and resilience skills. She also provides critical recharging strategies to keep brains and bodies fuelled.

They will focus in on optimizing chief productivity tools, attention, and providing a road map to the heart of engagement—self-management, achievement, feeling valued, and the art of recharging and renewal.

Our presentations are rooted in the science, so they get great buy-in. Audiences come away inspired and equipped with takeaways. Choose topics from Managing Busy Workload, to Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, Employee Engagement, and Information Overload. Let your audience feel engaged and productive with the many take away Uli has to offer

Who are these courses for?

The course is suitable for all levels of managers, professional staff, identified “highfliers”, future managers/leaders or any aspiring staff wishing to improve their leadership skills. The programme can also be customised for different types of work teams, such as project teams, heads of departments, upcoming graduates and so on.