Meet Uli

Uli grew up in the Austrian Alps.

She says that Mother Nature and the wisdom of her forest man father were the foundation to her outlook in life.
After working as kindergarten teacher and governess to a royal family she still had the opportunity to work with challenging teenagers in the “Stadt des Kindes” in Vienna.
Uli immigrated to South Africa in the early 80s. After her divorce she was stranded and penniless as a single mother in a country far away from her family and support.
This was the beginning of her journey as an entrepreneur. “I see the hurdles as life lessons, rather than allowing yourself to be a victim is the first step to a successful life.” Says Uli confidently

Attributes & Accolades

Certified NLP Coach
Time Line Therapy Practitioner
SETA Facilitator
Public Speaker University
Professional Speakers Academy
Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Effective Speaking Programme