Youth are bombarded with unrealistic images and false realities through social media, TV, video games and their peers. The result of this is low self-esteem and negative body image which can lead to bigger problems such as cyber-bullying, eating disorders, self-harm and at worst suicide.

  • Understanding the true meaning of positive self-identity
  • Implementing Self-belief
  • Overcoming challenges in a positive way
  • Making smart choices and not falling victim to peer pressure
  • How to build Self-Confidence
  • Benefits of positive thinking
  • How to be a leader, not a follower
  • Finding and following your passion
  • Building resilience in teens
  • Changed perspective on the images seen on social media
  • Self-validation and acceptance
  • Encouraging Self-love
  • Encouraging the sisterhood/friendship
  • Ending the no-win game of comparison


Who is this workshop for?

This presentation moves students and adults alike to reassess their life’s choices and journey.